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To Whom It May Concern

Today, LSCP Management is very pleased to announce, that Mr. Steve Scribner Associate Partner has re-joined our group as of today.

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IDMP Status Reflections

Though many points remain open, we have at least some indications about how the European Agency intends to proceed:

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BI in Healthcare

Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics for Healthcare (HC), considering the impact of Social Media: Source for BioPharma R&D & Business Development

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IDMP Status Reflections

The application of ISO IDMP Standards will bring you to an important level of Regulated, Actionable Quality Information for you internally and with your key Stakeholders – globally Since the Vioxx scandal and the product recall in 2004 the urgent need for patient safety reached the highest levels of awareness and the requirement to harmonize data globally to take effective and timely actions.

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Looking for the right Evidence definition such as in Wikipedia: Evidence, broadly construed, is anything presented in support of an assertion. This support may be strong or weak. The strongest type of evidence is that which provides direct proof of the truth of an assertion. At the other extreme is evidence that is merely consistent with an assertion but does not rule out other, contradictory assertions, as in circumstantial evidence.

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LSCP Important Announcement

The LSCP Management Team is pleased to announce the adherence of a new Associated Partner in the context of our extended Information Management and eHealth transformation initiative to our global professional network for the Life Sciences Industry and Regulators. Peter Schiemann, MBA

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