Who and where we are

LSCP Life Sciences Consulting Partners

Founded as a global professional network, with common ground, in March 2004 (privately owned) to provide expert consulting services to Global Life Sciences (Pharma, Biotech, Generics, Consumer, Medical Devices and eHealth):

  • Vision/Strategy (V&S) for Enterprise Data/Information (Content), driven by ISO IDMP+ and the International Conference on Harmonization; (ICH) eCTD, CDISC/HL7, RPS,) applied Standards and regional regulations (FDA; PDMA, EMA), in the context of these Standards & Market Communication Competence Center > benefits, not just burden!
  • The process includes future Business Requirements, Digitalization, new Business Models and technologies like e.g. Blockchain.
  • Enterprise Data Governance (EDG), Architecture, aiming for consistency, transparency, effectiveness and interoperability, especially in the context of integration processes in a «To Be» harmonized world, considering mobility and the shift to the «outside world», Web interaction/transaction, archiving e.g. Social Media with its dimension of new, additional Records Management.

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Any type of Content Submission/Communication (within a Regulatory Information Management [RIM] System, to include ISO IDMP+ for mid 2022 EMA SPOR Iteration 1) & Communication Strategies: “Format Free Initiative (FFI)” Structured Component Management (SCM) enabling content re-use, re-purposing in eCTD/IDMP and beyond with overall communication for multiple audiences (output) – all semantically enriched for substantially improved day-to-day decision support.

Management Team and where are we geographically located?

Headquarters & EU

  • Ruedi F. Blattmann, Managing Partner, V&S in IDMP+ & EDG, Uerikon/Zurich, Switzerland
  • Matthias Nanzer, EMBA, PMP, Partner CM & Org. Development, IT Strategy, Geroldswil/Zurich
  • Dr. Josef Leuchtner, Partner, Regulatory & Supply Chain, Freiburg, Germany


  • Kathy Hagen, Partner, CM, KM & Knowledge Retention, Minnesota, MN
  • James Averback, MIT, Partner DMS/ICD, Huntington, PA
  • Gavin Quinnies, Partner, Lead eHealth Quality, Milwaukee, WI


  • Hitoshi Matsui, Associated Partner, CAC Corp., Tokyo

Associated Partners

  • Thomas Schütz, MBA Master IST
  • Dr. Beat Widler (QbD, PV)
  • Dr. Malcolm Barratt-Johnson, (Clin., HA, Marketing, Resources)
  • Dr. Peter Schiemann (QMS, Processes, RM)
  • Dr. Paula Petrone, Data Sciences & Analytics
  • Paul Willer (CM, Org.)
  • Jerry Quinn, PMP
  • Gabriella Skala, MBA (CM/Communication)
  • Jorge Wernli, MDA (Market Access, Pricing)
  • Althea Davis, PMP, EDG Strategies
  • Jim Cook, SCA & Voice

IDMP+ refers to ISO IDMP, ICSR & SPL Standards