The changing landscape, and from an information management perspective, moving out of the many silos by re-arranging content components, it is important to maintain a holistic view:

Since its inception in March 2004, LSCP has grown considerably to a market recognized unit by delivering competence. Currently, in our global, professional network there are 64 experienced SMEs with a high profile in each one’s major domain. We work together, based on a common methodology in the field listed below, always from a perspective of maximizing the value of Enterprise Information Assets (e.g. regulated content, product information, business Intelligence). As global standards are deployed across functions and applications (communications) and beyond a corporation (Alliances, Markets), it is vital that teams of professionals are built with strong domain knowledge and standards, and at the same time are also able to have and apply a holistic view on challenges, but always include team spirit and multicultural aspects.

Close to Customers and Technology – at the intersection as substantial changes are at the horizon … our Services include:

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LSCP Vision & Strategy for optimal use (and re-use) of Corporate Information Assets in support of e.g. the decision making processes, or fractions thereof: may likely include (applying results proven methodologies): While considering the fact that global information exchange standards – a key compliance challenge - continue to be implemented (also looking at the ISO IDMP+) and to further emerging ones, a top down approach is highly recommended to identify real business benefits. However, LSCP has also developed a methodology that has already been proven, for a pragmatic approach while still respecting and building an Enterprise Frame.

How to optimize content re-use and stay compliant?

Based on forthcoming ISO IDMP+ and related standard implementations, our activities are grouped within programs with which we can globally assist customers at the desired level of ambition, to achieving consistency, transparency, effectiveness and interoperability, while regulators increase the requirements for higher level of content granularity, best met by moving away from document- to an information-centric in LSCP approaches! Each transition, no matter at what level bears risk factors, not only from a product and PV perspective. Therefore, here is a simple Risk Management (RM) approach to be included:

From RM Process to Plan

rm-process Is «wait and see» a position to be taken? The challenges ahead of all stakeholders in global health strategies entail more then what is currently assumed:

What to do …

IDMP+ refers to ISO IDMP, ICSR & SPL Standards