3) Social Media

When thinking back, in our «old days» the evolution of the information value chain had taken time in traditional channels. The «outside world», however moves dynamically and if you want to benefit from this market place, not just by loading a portal, your business model and processes require a re-thinking:

Technology has changed the behavior of customers and – perhaps as a subgroup – patients and their way communicating.

Balancing Innovation and Risk in the Digital Market Place

Get closer to your patient! Recent studies* about Customer Experience in the pharmaceutical sector states …

  • Today, many drug makers still have a clouded vision of a patient’s healthcare journey
  • Consumers today are willing to offer feedback and information. Attributes of next generation patient: They (1) have appetite for personalized information and real-time feedback, (2) want actively participate in care and treatment, (3) focus on convenience and on-demand services for busy lives and do value-hunting through comparison shopping
  • Pharma organization that tap into this feedback will reach a new level of success
  • Drug makers need the help from patients – providing them real-time insights on how the product works – to prove «value» of product. For that the Pharmaceutical industry must go beyond focus groups & mass market advertisements to better exploit the real-world experiences of patients
  • Understanding customer behavior isn’t a one-time event. It covers the full lifecycle of a drug

* PwC Health Research Institute study «Customer experience in the pharmaceutical sector»

With our technology partners we have further developed on the above and are pleased to offer more information and share our experience with you: