LSCP and Technology Vendor Relationships

For clarity, we would like to state:

  • LSCP is a global, independent management consulting network with in-depth knowledge of data content management e.g. in the context of IDMP+, industry and agency processes, regulatory standards as well as XML
In a changing regulatory environment with applied standards ahead and the overall mobility and access to a variety of sources, it becomes more and more important to develop and “enforce” compliance by applying an Enterprise Data (Information) Governance (EDG) – including Business Intelligence
  • This is one important way to keep up overall compliance, but not without having a closer look at information that comes from web content interaction/transaction and needs to archived evidence
  • Through a paradigm change (human, not technology) in managing information, we are convinced that advanced Structured Component Management (SCM) will be a key factor for success
  • We expect enterprises – this needs to be the ultimate scope of the objective – to organize relevant information in a way that it becomes actionable for Knowledge Management (KM in context) processes in decision making … and possibly be ready for any type of litigation
  • We recognize specialized technology Vendors, among those being STAR GRIPS, Author-it/Docuvera, DITA Exchange, SmartLogic’ Semaphore and MarkLogic, in the aim to provide holistic, scable approaches, with astonishing credentials!

Please check the list of vendors here

Need to VISUALIZE to users early on, e.g. in a Proof-of-Value (PoV) what today’s cutting edge technology can provide to generate business user requirements looking forward – not backwards (“I do it my way – done it for many years!”) In our aim to find the best fit for our customers (and their ambition!) LSCP has and will continue to evaluated in-depth the features and opportunities of many advanced technology vendors and what they can provide to an environment to maximize content re-use and related benefits. A selection of domains that need to be applied to department functions and their objectives, considering also the migration aspects and defined level of compliance:

Enterprise Data Governance (EDG)

  • Prof. Dr. Peter Aiken, Richmond, VA  23060, USA

Semantic Information Management (SIM)

  • STAR Group, Ramsen, Switzerland

Content re-use SCA approach

  • Author-it, NZ, USA (Docuvera)
  • Content Technologies (DITA Exchange), Aarhus, Denmark

Search in Context

  • Smartlogic plc, London, UK/USA
  • Coveo plc, Quebec City, Canada
  • FAST Enterprise Search (an MS company)

Collaboration & Repository concepts

  • MarkLogic Corp., Delaware, USA
  • Microsoft Corporation, Redwood, WA, USA / MS SP 2010 & related 3rd party products
  • OpenText Corp (Documentum)

Regulatory Communication tools

  • EXTEDO GmbH, Ottobrunn, Germany
  • CSC Life Sciences & Healthcare, USA

IDMP+ refers to ISO IDMP, ICSR & SPL Standards