Our Believe & Principles

LSCP Global Management Statement

Openness, agility, reliability, trust and professionalism are our guiding principles:

Bridge the gap between future business needs and the robust capabilities of cutting edge or Off-the-Shelf (OTS) Technologies to meet the requirements of Changing Business Model(s) for a successful enterprise. Or, for more ambitious companies to evaluate a paradigm shift, applying semantics, e.g. the Semantic Information Model (SIM) approach – step-by-step.

Since its inception in March 2004, LSCP has reached considerable market recognition. We are a global, professional network of currently 64 business and technology analysts (Management Consultants, Subject Matter Experts or SMEs) with high profiles in each one’s major domain, providing competence in a multicultural Team to the change process!

In a holistic approach we can demonstrate dependencies of Information Components: Our methodologies are designed to bring benefits of new global standards such as ISO IDMP+ and not «just» the perception of a regulatory burden.

Finally moving out of document silos opens up new opportunities by identifying options for content re-use (see also our Focus 1):

Mapping Ideas: High Level ICSR Example

Potential Flow of Information (re-use) Components


IDMP+ refers to ISO IDMP, ICSR & SPL Standards