The Engagement Process

The following list below shows about who of LSCP will have a domain lead, complemented by other SMEs from the network, in global approaches to e.g. elaborate, based on our proven methodology and, if required, portions thereof. Please note that our professional, global offerings around eCTD are still valid.

Vision & Strategy for LSCP Structured Component Authoring (SCA) & Enterprise Data Governance (EDG)

We provide a list that shows the LSCP domains of expertise (please see Service Offerings) with the leads and associated SMEs from our network for each domain. We all work according to a shared and proven methodology, follow a global approach and are able to carry out projects from Proof-of-Value (PoV) to Full Deployment based on solid and measurable milestone deliverables. Looking out of the window, Regulatory Information Management (RIM) and the coming ISO IDMP+ will need focus!

However, where required, our involvement can be limited to a single step of a project: For each of our service offering we have nominated a Lead person that assumes full responsibility for customer relationship and more important, professional, on time, on budget deliverables. Please note that this information contains the status as of early January 2019. Confirmation and more information, e.g. CVs of the individuals listed In the LSCP Services Lead (see above).

IDMP+ refers to ISO IDMP, ICSR & SPL Standards