Since its inception in March 2004, LSCP has grown significantly and established itself as a recognized leader in the biopharmaceutical market. We are a global, professional network of 64 SMEs with recognized expertise in our respective domains. We work together in the fields shown below, following a set of Guiding Principles and a common methodology, with a primary focus on maximizing the value of information, especially when it is related to regulated content. As global standards are deployed across functions, departments and systems but also beyond the corporate boundaries in the case of alliances, out-sourcing and off-shoring, it is vital that teams of professionals possess strong domain knowledge and use the latest standards. At the same time team members need to develop a holistic view, be able to break the “silo” or “not invented-here” mentality and keep sight of the big picture challenges. This is precisely what LSCP is able to offer through our combined knowledge and team work.

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